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a grungy school & city roleplay
Welcome to Harwich, a fictional city in Maine, USA. Its a dense and cold town, mostly populated by lowlifes and generations of families that can't afford to leave. Known for its low temperatures and high crime rate, several of its districts are avoided by travelers, and those that live in the northern part of town turn their noses to the south. But despite its somber weather and gray streets, the city is splattered with all kinds of colorful characters — just take care not to let any of them steal your wallet.
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Welcome to DEGENERATES. In this board, you'll learn everything you need to know about our site. Please read all the information before joining!
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The staff will post news, polls, events, and more in this board. Check back frequently to stay up-to-date!
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After you register, you can post an application here. After acceptance, you can also use this board to fill out your claims!
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Post your plot page here! We encourage you to post in other peoples' plotters, as well. Don't expect people to flock to you just because you have a great character! Reach out to people.
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Feel free to post thread trackers or template dumps here. You can also RP text or IM threads in the technology board.
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The northern residential district hosts nice apartment complexes and houses for families. There are several well-kept parks and playgrounds for children, and even some small businesses (daycares, grocery stores, the like) nearby. A large, fenced cemetery sits on the edge of the district.
concord high
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Threads taking place within Concord High should be placed here.
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The business district contains many offices and headquarters for large businesses. The district is busy with men and women in snazzy suits. Many who work in the businesses here are actually from neighboring cities.
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This bustling part of Harwich has everything from restaurants and stores to parks and plazas. There's plenty to do downtown, whether you want to see live music or sit at one of the overpriced bars.
shopping & dining
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There are several strips of malls, restaurants, and stores throughout Harwich. Threads involving shopping, dinning, or even traveling should be posted here.
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The south side's residential district contains decrepit and old houses, unclean apartment complexes, and high crime rates. Kids are often caught defacing walls or trying new drugs from strangers on the corners. At night, it's considered dangerous to be outside.
snyder high
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Threads taking place within Snyder High should be posted here.
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This noisy district is close enough to some residences that workers wake families up in the morning. The city places industrial plants and the like in this area. Often, new buildings are erected by construction crews.
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red light
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Filled with seedy bars, clubs, and the like, the red light district is popular amongst drug dealers, prostitutes, and the rich men and women who pay for it all.
city outskirts
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Harwich is a populated area, but the very edges of town are mostly abandoned. Teens and young adults traverse the outskirts for adventure—and also for concealment.
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RP is fun, but sometimes real life takes over. We get that. Just post a quick note here to let us know you'll be gone! You don't have to be specific if you don't want to be.
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